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Wedding smile makeover

These days, the words ‘I do’ are swiftly followed by months of fastidious planning and preparation for one of the biggest days of your life. There are venues to find, seating plans to organise and the realisation that for one day, all your friends and family’s eyes will be firmly on you!

For some, the prospect of such scrutiny is the motivation they need to improve their smile – something they’ve usually been thinking about for years, but never quite got around to. We’ve transformed the smiles of hundreds of brides-to-be – and their grooms – and no matter how tight your deadline might seem, we can probably help you too.

If your teeth are healthy and you’d just like to get them straighter and whiter in time for your big day, we nearly always recommend braces and teeth whitening over veneers and crowns. Your wedding day is obviously a momentous occasion, but you want to choose the treatment that’s going to be best for your smile in the long term – and braces usually fit the bill.

Two years to go

The world of braces is your oyster – two years is usually enough to time to treat most orthodontic problems. Whether you have severe crowding or teeth that don’t bite together properly. What’s more, you can choose from several different braces, including Invisalign aligners and fixed lingual braces (below) that we can hide behind your teeth.
Lingual braces
Once your brace is removed, we’ll give you retainers to make sure your teeth stay straight for your wedding day and many years to come. We can also provide in-clinic or at-home teeth whitening for a wedding-worthy smile.

One year to go

We’ll still have plenty of time to straighten your smile, providing your case isn’t too complex. Most adults are only concerned about crooked front teeth, and this is usually quick and simple to treat.

Once again, you’ll be able to choose from our range of ‘invisible’ braces, some of which are so discreet that you could wear them down the aisle and no one would notice. We’ll also have plenty of time to get your dental health in in tip-top condition through regular appointments with our scrupulous dental team. Never has fresh breath been more important than on your wedding day.

Six months to go

Time is now slightly of the essence, but for straightforward orthodontic problems like mild crowding there is still hope. We offer several braces that are designed to transform teeth in, conveniently, around six months. These include clear aligners like Invisalign Lite (below), and fixed braces such as Six Month Smiles and Fastbraces.
Invisalign Lite aligner
We can usually give you an accurate idea of when your brace will be ready to come off. But what happens if your wedding day comes around and it’s still on? Conveniently, if you’ve opted for a removable brace like Invisalign, you can simply take your aligners out for the day. While lingual braces can remain in place throughout the proceedings. They’re attached to the back surfaces of your teeth, where no one – even your photographer – will be able to see them. For a small charge, we can even remove a fixed brace and re-fit it after your wedding.

Four months to go

Believe it or not, very mild crowding can be treated within just a few months. Both Invisalign Express and Simpli5 aim to turn around crooked teeth within a matter of weeks. If your case is more complex we can still start orthodontic treatment, and while it won’t be finished for your wedding day – you could see a noticeable difference. Again, you may want to choose a brace that can easily be removed or hidden for your moment in the spotlight.

Alternatively, we can look at other treatments that will be able to achieve results in a much shorter time frame – for example veneers, teeth bonding and teeth reshaping.

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