Teeth contouring in London

Teeth contouring in London

Teeth reshaping is an affordable cosmetic treatment that improves the shape of your teeth to create a more evenly balanced and beautiful smile.

In less than one hour, our highly skilled clinicians can safely and painlessly reshape your teeth to make them appear neater and straighter.

Some of the common problems we can treat using teeth contouring include:

  • Worn tooth surfaces
  • Uneven tooth surfaces
  • Pitted tooth surfaces
  • Small chips
  • Worn biting areas
  • Slightly overlapping teeth
  • Teeth that are out of proportion

We can even make subtle changes to your tooth shape to make your smile more masculine (with squarer edges) or more feminine (with more rounded edges). Sometimes it’s the smallest imperfections that bother us the most and you may be surprised by the results that this simple treatment can achieve.

Unlike teeth bonding, we’re not adding to your teeth, instead we’re carefully reshaping your own enamel, keeping to the surface of your teeth. Teeth contouring is completely safe, but we can only remove small amounts of enamel, otherwise your teeth could become more prone to decay and breakages.

Throughout your dental contouring treatment our priority is the health or your smile. Because we’re only reshaping your enamel, which is on the surface of your teeth and has no nerves, you won’t need any anaesthetic and you’ll be pleased to hear that the treatment is completely pain free.

Some patients choose teeth contouring along with other treatments like braces or veneers – helping them to achieve the very best end results.

Book your free consultation* to find out more about this simple and effective treatment.

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