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Our specialist orthodontists offer a choice of the latest clear braces, including Damon Clear, In-Ovation C and Clarity Advanced.

Damon Clear
In-Ovation C

As UK-registered specialists, our team are experts at aligning teeth. Clear braces may not be quite as discreet as Invisalign and lingual braces, but they’re still an excellent way to straighten teeth.

Cost of clear braces

From £5,500 £4,500
Monthly payments
start from £84*

Our prices include:

  • Specialist-led treatment
  • Fixed and/or removable retainers
  • Home teeth whitening
  • Teeth contouring (shaping)
  • Your first hygiene session
  • One year of aftercare

Crystal-clear benefits

  • Translucent clear braces

  • Stain-resistant ceramic brackets

  • Smooth contours for improved comfort

  • Precise control for finessed results

  • Suited to simple and complex cases

  • Impossible to misplace

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces work the same way as traditional fixed braces, using a thin archwire to gently move your brackets and teeth. During your treatment, we’ll see you for regular check-ups to adjust your braces and change your archwire.

Fixed clear braces

Self-ligating braces

The latest clear ceramic braces feature self-ligating brackets, which use a sliding clip to hold the wire in place instead of elastic bands. Self-ligating braces are quicker to adjust, so you’ll benefit from shorter appointments. They’re also easier to clean compared to braces with elastic ligatures.

Ceramic braces

How clear braces can help

Whatever your concern, clear braces can help. They’re suitable for straightforward adjustments as well as complex smile makeovers. We usually recommend aligning both arches for the best result, but in some cases, we can attach clear braces to just your top or bottom teeth.

Simple problems like mild crowding or spacing can usually be transformed within six months. If your case is more complicated, and we’re correcting the way your teeth bite together, you can expect to be in braces for 12–18 months.

Crowded teeth picture


Teeth spacing picture


Overbite picture


Underbite pictures


Open bite picture

Open bite

Crossbite picture


Rotated teeth picture

Rotated teeth

Impacted teeth picture

Impacted teeth

Overjet picture



    I've had a fantastic experience with Sensu. From my first consultation all the way through, they've been cheery, professional and all of them feel like they've been invested in the success of my treatment. Can't recommend them enough. Such good value for the result. 


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Frequently asked questions

The average treatment time is around 12 months, but we’ll be able to answer this question more accurately during your free consultation. Simple cases can take as little as six months.

It might take you a few days to get used to wearing braces, and your teeth may feel a little tender as they begin to move. If your braces irritate the inside of your mouth, we can give you some wax to shield any sore areas.

Yes, but you’ll need to spend a little extra time brushing between your brackets and wires. When we fit your braces, we’ll advise you on the best way to brush and the best tools for the job.

You’ll be able to enjoy most foods, but you may need to cut them up into bite-sized pieces first. Avoid biting into anything hard or chewy that could damage your archwire or knock off a bracket. You’ll also need to avoid food and drinks that could stain your teeth. Otherwise, you could be left with lighter patches where your brackets were.

Prices start from £4,400, which includes everything. You can spread your payments over up to 60 months, and we also offer interest-free finance.

*Based on a £500 deposit and 60 monthly payments. Representative APR 9.9%. Monthly prices reflect our 10% promotion.