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Lingual braces in London

Lingual braces are an innovative take on traditional fixed braces. They work in a similar way, but with one important difference – the braces are fitted to the inside of your teeth, completely hidden from sight.

Hidden braces have been around since the 1970s but their popularity has soared recently, thanks to the media, famous fans and a growing demand for discreet orthodontic treatments.

You won’t find an orthodontic treatment that’s more inconspicuous than lingual braces and, just as importantly, they’re really great at straightening teeth. The best thing about lingual braces for us is that they offer so much control and flexibility, which means they can work well along with other cosmetic dental treatments, for example aligning teeth prior to dental implants.

Unlike some removable aligners, lingual braces are capable of achieving complex movements and can be used to treat mild to severe crowding, spacing and teeth that don’t bite together correctly. Because treatment is always bespoke, we can focus on what is right for you. It’s possible to straighten all your teeth or just your front teeth according to your needs.

Sensu is thrilled to be able to offer you an exciting choice of lingual brace treatments, using the only truly hidden brace solutions. At Sensu your smile is in safe hands; our specialist orthodontist Ilias Marinopoulos is an Incognito Elite Platinum user, the highest accolade available to Incognito users.

Cost of lingual braces

The cost of your lingual braces reflects the expertise of your clinician and the quality of materials. For a personalised estimate, we’d be delighted to see you for a free no-obligation consultation*.

We’ll discuss your treatment from start to finish, including retainers and finishing touches such as teeth whitening, so there will be no hidden surprises. And if you’d like to spread the cost of your braces you’ll also receive information on our flexible interest-free payment options.


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