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How to straighten teeth without braces

Straighten teeth without braces

If you want to straighten your smile without train tracks, you’re in luck. We have several different teeth straightening solutions, from clear aligners to cosmetic treatments, that will leave you beaming.

Invisible braces

If you’re not a fan of metal braces, you’ll be pleased to hear that braces can be incredibly discreet. Lingual braces are fitted behind your teeth, so they’re almost invisible. Incognito lingual braces feature cast-gold brackets that are custom-made to fit your smile.

If you’d prefer the freedom of a removable brace, you can also choose from our range of Invisalign aligners (pictured below). They’re virtually undetectable, and you can take them out with ease to eat and drink. Just make sure you wear your aligners for the required 20–22 hours a day.


Cosmetic dentistry

If braces are a definite no, we still have options. Cosmetic dental treatments can leave teeth beautifully aligned, and we’re lucky to have some exceptional clinicians working at Sensu.

Teeth contouring

If your smile just needs a few tweaks, you may be a good candidate for teeth contouring. Our cosmetic dentists will carefully remove small amounts of tooth enamel to reshape your teeth and balance your smile. It can be an excellent option if you have teeth with irregular edges or a tooth that’s slightly longer, for example.

Teeth contouring is quick and affordable, and you’ll see the results after just one treatment. However, because we’re removing enamel, which is irreversible, we can only make very subtle changes. The health of your teeth will always be our top priority. We include teeth contouring as standard with invisible braces.

Teeth bonding

Dental bonding is another technique we can use to improve the shape of your teeth. Instead of removing tooth enamel, we build it up using tooth-coloured composite (white filling material). It’s reversible, and the results can be amazing.

Teeth bonding isn’t permanent, so you will need repeat treatments to maintain your results. You’ll get the best outcome if your teeth are in the optimal position, so sometimes we’ll recommend orthodontic treatment first. It can be a great solution if you have small gaps or height discrepancies.


Veneers are a more invasive solution to crooked teeth, but they can provide dramatic results in weeks. They comprise of a thin layer of porcelain that’s made to look like the ‘perfect’ tooth. To fit your veneers, your cosmetic dentist will need to remove some of your tooth enamel. How much depends on the position of your teeth.

Veneers aren’t reversible, and you’ll need to wear them indefinitely and replace them when they wear out. If your teeth are misaligned, but otherwise in good condition, we’ll usually recommend braces over veneers.

The decision is yours, though, and we’ll be delighted to guide you through all your options during your free consultation.

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