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Which invisible brace is the most inconspicuous?

Most discreet brace

Braces can achieve amazing things and the results can be astounding. However, the process is usually somewhat less appealing. Not many adults relish the prospect of wearing a metal appliance. Luckily, we have several ‘barely there’ braces for you to choose from…

The battle of the braces

Most of our patients are looking for a discreet brace of some kind; but for others, only the most ‘invisible’ option will do. Always keen to please, here are our top three undercover braces.

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are unbeatable when it comes to hiding. They fit behind your teeth, so they’re hard to notice, even up close. If someone is at just the right angle, they may get a glimpse of your brace, but it’s (probably) not often that you look behind someone’s teeth!

The Incognito lingual brace (pictured below) boasts cast-gold brackets, which are custom made to fit your mouth. As well as being discreet, it’s also very good at straightening teeth and can be used for straightforward and complex cases.

We also offer ‘sectional’ lingual braces such as Incognito Lite, which focuses on straightening your front six or eight teeth. They’re a popular choice for patients who are looking for a discreet solution to crowded front teeth, who are already happy with the way their teeth bite together.

Incognito braces London

2. Invisalign®

Invisalign isn’t our most discreet brace, but it’s undoubtedly our most popular. Thousands of our patients have chosen Invisalign and it’s not hard to understand why. Its clear aligners are virtually invisible, and, again, you’d have to get quite close to spot them. Your friends and family might notice them, but most of the time they’ll go undetected.

Invisalign aligners are also removable for eating, drinking and teeth brushing. You need to wear them for at least 20 hours a day, so you can afford to take them out for the odd special occasion – making them essentially invisible when required.

We may need to attach small tooth-coloured buttons to your teeth during treatment, to help us move them in the right direction. These can make your brace slightly more visible, but still unremarkable to most.


3. Clear fixed braces

Clear braces are essentially traditional metal braces, but in a more pleasing colour. Friends and colleagues will know that they’re there, but on the whole they’re fairly inconspicuous – much more so than their metal counterparts.

Fixed braces have been used for years and years. Egyptian mummies have even been found sporting fixed appliances (or something that loosely resembles them). They provide excellent control, so we can achieve precise results and move your teeth to exactly where we want them.

Your fixed brackets will be attached to your teeth for the duration of your treatment, so they’ll require a little TLC to keep them pristine. Certain foods may stain your brackets, making them more obvious. We’ll help you to avoid the common culprits to keep your brace as clean and clear as possible.

clear fixed braces

Alas, no brace is 100% invisible, but the above get pretty close. Ultimately, you want to choose the brace that will fit in with your lifestyle – and give you the best result.

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