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Metal braces (are alive and straightening)

Metal braces

We don’t get many requests for metal braces, now there are so many discreet alternatives. But they’re a fantastic – and cost-effective – way to align teeth. They’ve been used by orthodontists for decades, and they still work incredibly well.

The latest metal braces are much smaller and therefore comfier than earlier editions. They consist of smooth metal brackets, which are fixed to your teeth and controlled by a thin metal wire. The wire is secured using metal ties or elastic ligatures, which come in a wide range of colours.

Self-ligating braces feature a sliding mechanism that holds the wire in place. This helps to reduce friction and makes it easier for you to clean around your brackets. It can also speed up your adjustments by making it quicker for us to change your archwires.

Pros of metal braces

  • Metal braces are usually one of the most affordable treatment options, and they can achieve the same jaw-dropping results as clear braces or removable aligners.
  • They can transform some of the most complex cases, including severe crowding and bite problems.
  • Brackets and wires give us full control over your teeth, so we can keep finessing your smile until you’re happy.
  • Metal brackets are strong and durable, they can also sometimes be more comfortable to remove than ceramic options.

Cons of metal braces

  • Some people don’t mind a visible brace – it can be a great conversation starter – but most of our patients are looking for a discreet option, which metal braces are not (unless we fit your braces behind your teeth!).
  • It’s rare, but some people can be allergic to metal braces. Luckily, we can offer you clear fixed braces or clear aligners like Invisalign instead.
  • Invisalign is extremely popular because it can be removed for eating and brushing. Metal braces will be fixed to your teeth throughout your treatment.

Rest assured, metal detectors won’t be a problem when you’re wearing metal braces!

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