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What is Invisalign Comprehensive?

Invisalign Comprehensive

Invisalign is a remarkable teeth-straightening system that discreetly aligns your teeth using clear, removable aligners.

There are several different types of Invisalign for you to choose from. They all work in the same way – each set of aligners will gently move your teeth little by little towards your goal.

The key difference between Invisalign Express, Lite and Comprehensive is the number of aligners your treatment includes.

Invisalign Express includes up to seven aligners, so it’s suitable for very simple cases, for example, a front tooth that’s slightly out of line.

Invisalign Lite includes up to 14 aligners and is also suitable for straightforward cases, for example, crooked front teeth and minor bite discrepancies.

Invisalign Comprehensive includes unlimited aligners, so it can handle complicated cases, including crowding, underbites, open bites, overbites, crossbites and overjets.

Invisalign Comprehensive is by far our most capable aligner, and our exclusive package includes some valuable extras to enhance your experience.

Extra hygiene session

Before we start your treatment, we’ll take some digital scans of your teeth, which we’ll use to plan your outcome and every step of your transformation.

To get the most accurate result from your scan, we’ll treat your teeth to a session with one of our hygienists. They give your teeth a thorough clean and remove any plaque or tartar.

We provide a hygiene session for every patient, which we include in the cost of your aligners.

If you opt for Invisalign Comprehensive, you’ll enjoy a second complimentary hygiene session to help keep your teeth pristine throughout your treatment.

No charge for refinement aligners

Your custom-made aligners will be manufactured at the beginning of your treatment. You’ll work your way through the sequence, changing to a new set every 1–2 weeks.

Once you’ve worn all your aligners, we’ll review the position of your teeth. We may need to order some refinement aligners to achieve the very best result.

Invisalign Express includes one set of refinement aligners, and Invisalign Lite includes two.

For extra peace of mind, Invisalign Comprehensive includes unlimited sets of refinement aligners within five years of starting your treatment.

Fixed retainers

Retainers are essential after braces, and we’ll provide you with two sets of removable retainers to hold your teeth in their new position.

Our Invisalign Comprehensive package has the added benefit of including fixed retainers or Vivera retainers, too.

Fixed retainers consist of thin metal wires that we fit behind your front teeth to stop them from shifting. They’re very unobtrusive and easy to care for. You don’t need to think about wearing them, and with some TLC, they should last for years.

Vivera retainers are Invisalign’s own brand of removable retainers. You’ll receive three sets of Vivera retainers, which are typically 30% stronger than other removable retainers.

Our experienced team will help you choose the right combination of retainers. We also include 12 months of aftercare, so we can supervise your results and give you the best start to a lifetime of smiles.

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