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Tooth reshaping techniques

Teeth reshaping techniques

Teeth come in all different shapes and sizes, and they’re not always uniform or symmetrical. Some patients embrace these differences, but if you don’t like the shape of your teeth, there are ways we can help.

Teeth contouring

If you’re looking for a subtle improvement, teeth contouring is a cost-effective and affordable treatment with prices starting from £100 a tooth. Contouring involves carefully filing down and polishing the edges of your teeth to improve their shape.

We can make your teeth straighter and more uniform within one short appointment. It’s great for teeth with worn, uneven edges or small chips.

Tooth contouring is very safe because we only remove tiny amounts of enamel. Your treatment won’t affect the health of your teeth or leave you prone to sensitivity or tooth decay. It’s also very quick, and like most cosmetic treatments, it’s pain-free.

Teeth contouring in London

Teeth bonding

Dental bonding is another way to quickly and conveniently improve the shape of your teeth. Using tooth-coloured composite, we can skilfully build-up your teeth to achieve the desired shape.

Bonding can fix chips, cracks, gaps, misshapen and stained teeth. Because we’re not removing any enamel, we can achieve a more noticeable difference compared to contouring. Sometimes, we’ll combine contouring and bonding for the best outcome.

The results of bonding aren’t permanent, and the composite will wear down over time. One of the big benefits of bonding, compared to alternatives like veneers, is that it’s completely reversible and won’t damage your teeth.

If we are whitening your teeth as part of your makeover, we’ll do this first so that your bonding matches the shade of your new smile.

Teeth bonding in London


Veneers provide a more long-term solution to misshapen teeth. They work by disguising your natural tooth behind a thin porcelain façade. We can design your veneers to be the perfect shape and colour for your smile.

If we’re only fitting a few veneers, we’ll make sure they match your natural teeth perfectly.

To prepare your teeth for veneers, we’ll need to remove some enamel to ensure a perfect fit. This process is irreversible, and you will always need to wear veneers, which (according to studies) need replacing approximately every 7–10 years.

Veneers are fantastic if your teeth are stained, damaged or misshapen. If your teeth are crooked, invisible braces can provide a more permanent solution.

Veneers in London


Sometimes one particular tooth can be very misshapen or damaged. If bonding or a veneer isn’t possible, we might recommend a crown. A crown is similar to a veneer, but it covers the entire tooth, not just the front surface.

We usually recommend a crown if your tooth is severely decayed, injured or broken. Crowns require more preparation than veneers, and your natural tooth will be filed down into a small peg.

Your tooth will be protected underneath your porcelain crown, which will look just like a natural tooth. Crowns are hard-wearing, and with proper care and regular dental check-ups, they can last 10–20 years.

Dental crowns in London

Invisible braces

Sometimes, teeth can look mishappen because they’re misaligned. In these situations, invisible braces like Invisalign can offer a fantastic long-term solution.

Orthodontic treatment isn’t an instant answer like bonding or contouring, but the results are incredible. We even include home teeth whitening and contouring as standard.

Braces can help with crooked, crowded and rotated teeth, as well as gaps and bite problems. At your free consultation, we’ll take a scan of your teeth and show you a preview of your smile after braces. It’s a great way to visualise your results.

At the end of your orthodontic treatment, we’ll fit retainers. If you follow your orthodontist’s instructions, your results can last a lifetime.

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