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Invisalign and free teeth contouring

Invisalign and teeth contouring

We want you to get the very best result from your Invisalign treatment, so we include complimentary teeth contouring for every patient.

Teeth contouring improves the symmetry and shape of your teeth. It’s the perfect finishing touch to braces.

What is teeth contouring?

Teeth contouring is a cosmetic technique that involves reshaping your teeth to improve their appearance. By removing tiny amounts of enamel, we can smooth irregular edges and make your teeth more symmetrical.

Teeth contouring is a popular cosmetic treatment in its own right, and combined with Invisalign it can achieve beautiful results.

We only take away minimal amounts of enamel, so teeth contouring won’t affect the integrity of your teeth or leave you more susceptible to decay. It’s quick, painless and very safe.

Who can benefit from contouring?

Our dentists will assess your smile to see if you could benefit from contouring.

Here are some of the concerns contouring can help with:

  • Teeth with worn or uneven edges
  • Small chips and pitted surfaces
  • Irregular teeth that are out of proportion

We can’t remove too much enamel, so contouring is best suited to subtle tweaks. If you’re not suitable for contouring, we can discuss dental bonding with you.

Tooth bonding is another technique we use to reshape teeth. Instead of removing enamel, we build up your teeth using tooth-coloured composite.

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Is teeth contouring free with fixed braces?

Yes! We include teeth contouring with all our orthodontic treatments, not just Invisalign. Our competitive brace packages also include free home teeth whitening – another treatment that looks amazing combined with braces.

You’ll also enjoy a complimentary clean with one of our meticulous hygienists before you start your orthodontic treatment. Our goal is a healthy, beautiful smile that will last a lifetime.

What we include in the cost of your braces

If you’d like to learn more about Invisalign and contouring, we’d love to meet you for a free consultation. You can contact us with any questions or book online safely and securely in minutes.

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