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Is Invisalign available through the NHS?

Is Invisalign available on the NHS

Invisalign is a clear, removable brace that’s been used to straighten millions of smiles worldwide. It’s unquestionably our most popular brace thanks to its discreetness and convenience.

Invisalign’s transparent aligners are virtually invisible, providing a welcome alternative to conventional train track braces. You can also remove them to eat, drink and brush your teeth, so you can enjoy all your favourite foods – and keep on top of your oral hygiene!

We’re currently the UK’s top Invisalign provider, so we’ve talked to quite a lot of people about this brilliant brace.

One question that regularly crops up is whether NHS funding is available for Invisalign treatment.

NHS funding for braces

NHS funding for dentistry is complicated at the best of times. As a private clinic, none of our dental treatments or services, including Invisalign, are available through the NHS.

NHS funding is available for orthodontic care. However, as you would expect, it’s there to help patients who need treatment to improve their dental health – not the appearance of their teeth.

It’s also only accessible to under 18s who meet the criteria for treatment. This is determined by an orthodontist using a rating system known as the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need (IOTN).

IOTN uses a set of measurements to grade your smile between 1 and 5. If you score 4 or 5, you are eligible for NHS funding and need treatment for dental health reasons. If you score 3, your orthodontist will also take into account the appearance of your teeth to determine whether or not you qualify. If you score 1 or 2, you, unfortunately, aren’t eligible for NHS care.

NHS funding for Invisalign

NHS orthodontic care isn’t usually available to adults. However, it can sometimes be approved on a case-by-case basis. Unfortunately, you are extremely unlikely to be offered Invisalign braces. NHS treatment, whatever your age, is usually carried out using metal train track braces.

This is because metal fixed braces are still a fantastic way to straighten teeth – and they’re usually cheaper to produce and more cost-effective than invisible braces such as Invisalign and lingual braces.

Ultimately, you’ll achieve the same great results. However, we appreciate that metal braces aren’t appealing to everyone.

Paying for your treatment privately

Orthodontic treatment isn’t cheap, but we try to make it more accessible by offering free consultations* and a choice of payment options, including interest-free monthly repayments.

Our all-inclusive packages also offer a number of benefits, which aren’t usually available with NHS treatment, including teeth whitening, shaping and fixed retainers.

To find out more, contact our team to book your free no-obligation consultation*.

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