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Can adults get free braces?

Free braces London

There can be some confusion around who does and doesn’t qualify for free braces in London and the UK. NHS funding is available for orthodontic treatment, but it’s in limited supply and usually reserved for under 18s.

If you are aged 17 or under, you can ask your dentist for an NHS referral to an orthodontist (a dentist who specialises in straightening teeth). Your orthodontist will assess your teeth using the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need to see if you qualify for NHS braces.

There’s a high demand for NHS braces, so NHS funding is only available if you need braces to improve your dental health. If you’re unhappy about the appearance of your teeth, you’re unlikely to be eligible for NHS treatment.

NHS braces for adults

Most orthodontists in London have contracts with the NHS that only allow them to treat children. In rare circumstances, adults can receive NHS funding for severe problems, for example, cases that require jaw surgery. In these instances, the standard NHS charge for complex dental treatments would apply.

Private treatment options

If you are seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult, you will most likely need to pay for your braces privately. Sensu is a fully private orthodontic practice, so we don’t receive any funding from the NHS.

One of the benefits of private treatment is choosing how we straighten your teeth. We offer a wide range of appliances, from clear Invisalign aligners to hidden lingual braces (pictured below).

How much are lingual braces

We also offer a choice of complementary treatments to enhance your new smile. Our competitive packages include home teeth whitening, teeth contouring, fixed and removable retainers as standard.

Interest-free finance

Private orthodontic treatment starts from £2,000 for Invisalign in London (our most popular invisible brace). As well as all the extras we’ve just mentioned, our prices include specialist-led treatment, all your appointments, scans and X-rays, a hygiene appointment and a post-treatment dental health check.

You can pay for your treatment in full, or you can pay a small deposit and spread your payments over up to 18 months interest-free. Interest-bearing finance plans are also available for extended payment periods up to 60 months.

Finance is available subject to age and status. We’ll go through all your payment options in detail during your complimentary consultation.

Cheaper alternatives

Mail-order aligners

It’s now possible to order your orthodontic treatment online. Prices can be lower than braces with a specialist but approach with caution.

Straightening your teeth at home isn’t without its risks. The care and supervision you’ll receive throughout your treatment won’t come close to the standard provided by a specialist practice.

Consider your options carefully before making a decision.

Teeth contouring and bonding

If braces are out of your budget, you may want to consider alternative treatments. Teeth contouring and teeth bonding subtly reshape your teeth to create a more even and balanced smile.

If your front teeth are slightly misshapen or widely spaced, you could be an excellent candidate.


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Special offers

It’s always worth keeping an eye out for brace offers and discounts. At Sensu, we offer 15% off Invisalign Comprehensive and fixed braces for students and NHS staff as well as seasonal offers.

If you have any questions about our invisible braces or payment options, you can arrange a free consultation with our experienced team in London.

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