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All-on-4 dental implants

All-on-4 dental implants

All-on-4 dental implants

All-on-4 dental implants are an excellent way to replace a whole arch of missing or failing teeth. In just one day, we can restore your smile with an implant-retained bridge that will look and function like natural teeth.

The All-on-4 technique uses four or more dental implants to support a custom-made bridge. Your new smile will be secured in place permanently, so you can eat, speak and smile with confidence.

Who can benefit from All-on-4 implants?

All-on-4 implants offer a cost-effective solution if you are missing all or most of your teeth. You may be wearing dentures already, or your teeth could be failing, causing you pain and discomfort.

Adults of all ages can benefit from dental implants. You’ll need healthy gums, and we may need to remove any remaining teeth before starting your treatment.

To find out if you’re a candidate for All-on-4 implants, Dr Bhavnish Waghela will carry out a thorough assessment, including X-rays and a CT scan.

We’re currently offering you this initial consultation free of charge, and the cost of your CT scan will be deducted from your treatment if you go ahead.

To arrange your appointment with Dr Waghela, contact our friendly team.

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Who choose All-on-4 implants?

There are many good reasons to choose All-on-4 implants. Our team will spend time getting to know you to understand your concerns and goals to make sure All-on-4 implants are right for you.

Natural-looking results

Your new teeth will be custom-made, so we can work with you to design your perfect smile. We’ll meticulously plan the shape and colour of each tooth to give you a beautiful, natural result.

A permanent smile

Your new bridge will be secured in place to function just like natural teeth. Unlike dentures, you won’t need to worry about your teeth coming loose when you’re eating, and you won’t need to take them out to clean at night.

Results in one day

We’ll strategically place your implants to take advantage of the stronger bone at the front of your mouth. This avoids the need for bone grafting and allows us to fit your implants and a provisional bridge on the same day. You’ll leave the practice looking like a new person.

Excellent value

All-on-4 implants offer fantastic value, and because they utilise fewer implants, they’re more affordable than a full arch of traditional implants.

All-on-4 implants step-by-step

Once we’ve taken all your scans and assessed your suitability, the next step is to create your provisional acrylic bridge, which you’ll wear while your gums heal.

While this is only temporary, it will still look very natural, and we’ll fix it in place, so you won’t need to take it in and out. If you’d prefer, we can provide a removable denture while your gums heal, which will reduce the cost of your treatment.

On the day of your procedure, we’ll remove any teeth that need to come out and place your implants. We’ll give you a local anaesthetic so that you won’t feel any discomfort. If you’re anxious, we can discuss sedation to help you relax.

We’ll fit your temporary bridge that same day. Once your gums have had time to heal – approximately six months later – we’ll replace your temporary bridge with a harder-wearing composite bridge.

If you take excellent care of your bridge, you should get many years of enjoyment from your new smile. In some cases, All-on-4 implants can last a lifetime.

To learn more about All-on-4 implants and meet our expert, Dr Waghela, contact us to arrange your free no-obligation consultation.

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