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What makes the perfect smile?

Having a great smile can go a long way in improving your confidence and self-esteem. It also has a big impact on people’s first impressions when they meet you, according to many surveys.

With all celebrities and public figures flashing perfect smiles, many of us aim to achieve a perfect, healthy looking smile. Here are some tips to get there.

Healthy gums

While people often focus on their teeth in order to achieve a nice smile, they often forget how much of a difference healthy gums can make.

Unhealthy or diseased gums tend to swell, turn red and even bleed, which can quickly become visible and impact your smile. You should make you gently brush your gums as well as your teeth. Don’t let bad gum get in the way of a lovely smile.

Healthy teeth

Healthy, natural looking teeth can make or break a smile. Hence, trying to avoid your teeth getting stained is essential. You should also watch out for dental diseases like tooth decay.

Not only can it be really painful, it also manifests itself by little coloured spots appearing on your teeth, which can affect your smile too. Make sure you brush your teeth twice a day to avoid those issues.

If you wish to go for an extra white smile, teeth whitening can be a good option to consider.

Straight teeth

Another important aspect of a perfect smile is straight teeth. It’s not uncommon for people, children or adults, to require minor or major orthodontic treatment to straighten naturally out of place teeth. At Sensu, we offer a wide range of premium treatments including invisible braces like Invisalign.

Likewise, it’s important to make sure you have a full mouth of teeth, and replace any broken or missing teeth. Dental implants are a good solution.

Not only will your dentition look fuller, but having holes in your teeth can have bad side-effects in the long run, including causing other teeth moving around and get out of place in your mouth.


Finally, just relax and smile. If you get self conscious about your smile, chances are it’s probably affecting the way you smile, perhaps looking unnatural.

Often, being confident in your smile and teeth is enough. Although you still need to brush your teeth.

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