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What causes tooth discolouration?

The majority of people are aware of the importance of maintaining a regular brushing and flossing routine, and even the impact smoking and chewing tobacco can have on teeth. But it is essential to also be mindful of certain foods and drinks that can stain teeth.

So what kind of food and drinks can result in undesirable tooth colouring? The most obvious are the intensely coloured ones, just like the way you are cautious about spilling red wine on your white clothing, it’s also worth considering the stains it causes on your white pearly teeth!

Which foods stain teeth?

Everyday hot drinks including tea and coffee can cause serious staining due to their dark colours. To avoid any damage, it’s worth opting for green, white or other forms of herbal tea.


Fruit juices also leave a colourful tinge on the teeth and tongue. Why not get into the routine of eating whole fruit instead? Diluting your juice down with water can make it much more tooth-friendly.

Similarly, coloured sweets and ice cream contain colorants that will transfer to the teeth and embed in the porous enamel. Sugarless gum and foods with no artificial colours are a tooth conscious alternative, or just choose from light coloured sweets and ice cream such as lemon over blueberry.


Furthermore, everyday sauces that may seem harmless could have a significant impact on teeth staining. For example, ketchup can cause damage because of the bright red colour. Tomatoes also naturally have high levels of acidity. Dark liquid dressings including soy sauce and balsamic vinegar can also leave behind troublesome stains. Alternatives include natural dressings such as a lighter coloured condiment like rice vinegar.


It’s worth visiting your dentist regularly every six months for a routine check-up. If your teeth appear to be an abnormal colour without explanation, you should urgently be seen by your dentist.

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