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What are social 6 braces?

Social 6 braces

The term ‘social 6 braces’ refers to a collection of braces that have been specially designed to straighten your front six teeth. Most of the adult patients that we see are happy with the way their teeth bite together, and they’re just looking to improve the appearance of their smile.

Some patients notice their teeth becoming increasingly crowded with age; others may have just one tooth that’s always bothered them; some have even had orthodontic treatment before, only for their teeth to move after they stopped wearing their retainers.

Social 6 braces can be the perfect solution to these scenarios. Conventional orthodontic treatment can take around 18 months, whereas social 6 braces can straighten teeth in a fraction of the time. This speediness doesn’t mean they cut corners; they’re faster because they’re only focused on aligning your front teeth.

Types of social 6 braces

Thanks to a growing demand for social 6 braces, there are now several different types to choose from. These include discreet options such as clear aligners and fixed braces with clear or tooth-coloured brackets. Here are some of the options available at Sensu.

STb Social 6

STb social 6 is a lingual brace, which means we attach it to the back of your teeth. This makes it extremely inconspicuous. It can straighten mild crowding in as little as six weeks and most cases are completed in less than four months. Treatment with STb social 6 braces starts from £1,795.

Six Month Smiles®

Unsurprisingly, Six Month Smiles has been designed to straighten teeth in just six months. It’s a visible fixed brace, but clear brackets and a tooth-coloured wire make it very discreet. It’s ideal for straightening teeth that are mildly crowded, crooked or spaced. Prices for Six Month Smiles start from £1,795.

Cfast™ braces

Cfast braces are similar to Six Month Smiles, using a combination of clear brackets and tooth-coloured wires to straighten teeth. Treatment usually takes between two and six months and starts from £1,795.

Cost of social 6 braces

Social 6 braces are typically more affordable than comprehensive orthodontic treatment. You can find more information on the cost of braces at Sensu on our fees and finance page.

Are social 6 braces right for you?

If you are unhappy about the appearance of your front teeth, then there’s a good chance that social 6 orthodontic treatment could be right for you. The next step is to come and see us for a free consultation and personalised quote.

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