STb Social 6 in London

STb Social 6 braces

For most of our adult patients it is the appearance of their front teeth that is of greatest concern, and the prospect of a year or more wearing fixed, visible braces to straighten those teeth is not a welcome one. Thankfully a growing number of braces have been designed to solve any dilemmas.

STb Social 6 is one such brace. It’s a type of lingual brace, which cleverly fits behind your front six teeth, where it gets to work quickly and discreetly, gently moving your teeth to reveal a natural and beautiful smile. Treatment usually takes less than four months – and sometimes as little as six weeks.

Your treatment will be over before you know it. STb lingual braces are so discreet that friends and family will only know about your treatment if you tell them. And even then, most people won’t believe you until you show them!

The STb lingual brace was developed by two of the world’s leading lingual orthodontists: Dr Giuseppe Scuzzo and Kyoto Takemoto. Their aim was to create a lingual brace that was effective and – most importantly – comfortable. STb brackets are among the thinnest available, with a profile of just 1.5mm, to ensure minimal disruption to speech and maximum comfort.

The STb social six brace is ideal for treating a wide range of problems affecting the front six teeth, from mild to moderate crowding, to teeth that are too widely spaced. It’s also suitable for all ages, particularly adults who are looking for an ‘invisible’ solution to crooked teeth.

Removable aligners may appeal to some patients as an alternative to lingual braces but many still prefer the reliability of a fixed brace. Because it’s fixed in position there’s no risk of you losing or forgetting to wear your lingual brace, and it’s always hard at work behind the scenes. Also, compared with removable aligners, lingual braces are capable of more complex and precise movement.

The benefits of STb Social 6 braces

  • STb braces are hidden behind your teeth and incredibly discreet.
  • It’s our most affordable lingual brace, starting from £1,500.
  • Treatment is very quick: most patients wear their braces for less than 16 weeks.
  • The brackets have a 1.5mm profile and rounded corners to ensure comfort and few or no speech problems.
  • Lingual braces remove any risk of decalcification and white spots appearing on the front of your teeth, which is a rare side effect of orthodontic treatment.

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