Damon braces in London

Damon braces at Sensu

Damon braces combine innovative design with great looks. They’re small, discreet and, most importantly, brilliant at straightening teeth. Millions of happy patients have Damon braces to thank for their spectacular smiles.

Damon clear bracket

Your Damon brace will consist of virtually invisible clear brackets, which are fitted to your teeth for the duration of your treatment. These are connected by a thin metal archwire, which gently guides your teeth into position.

Traditionally this archwire would have been attached to your brackets using elastic bands, but instead Damon braces use a ‘passive’ slide mechanism which helps to reduce friction.

Another great feature of Damon braces is that they gently expand the arch of your teeth, creating a fuller smile. This fullness creates extra space, so even if your smile is very crowded we may not need to remove any teeth before your treatment.

Damon braces

While some clear braces can become discoloured during orthodontic treatment, Damon braces are stain resistant, so your brace will remain discreet throughout your treatment.

While removable aligners and fast braces are great at straightening mild crowding, they’re not suitable for everyone. Damon braces on the other hand are capable of transforming the most challenging conditions – and achieving incredible results.

The benefits of Damon braces

  • Damon braces feature virtually invisible stain-resistant brackets
  • They’re ideal for straightening the most complex cases – giving your orthodontist maximum control over the movement of your teeth
  • You don’t need to worry about losing your aligners, Damon braces are fixed in place and working 24 hours a day, seven days a week

If you’re looking for exceptional results, look no further than Damon braces. Contact us now to book your free no-obligation consultation*.

Damon braces FAQs

Yes. Damon braces are suitable for all ages and a popular choice among adult patients who want precise results from a discreet brace.

Unfortunately we can’t provide a definitive answer to this question without seeing you for a free consultation*. In most cases treatment is completed in around 12 months. Damon braces have been designed to straighten teeth faster than traditional fixed braces and for some patients treatment can take just six months.

It might take you a few days to get used to your fixed brace and your teeth may feel a little tender just after your brace is fitted and after adjustments. Damon braces, however, use very light titanium wires to gently move teeth, so any discomfort is minimal.

Yes, although you will need to spend a little extra time brushing to make sure you clean carefully around your brace. When we fit your brace we’ll give you advice on how to clean your teeth as well as the best tools for the job.

To avoid breaking your brace and slowing down your treatment, it’s important to be a little careful about what you eat. In most cases it’s just a case of cutting things up, but avoid anything hard or chewy that could damage your brace. You should also avoid foods and drinks that could stain your teeth, otherwise when your brace comes off you could be left with lighter patches where your brackets have been.

Yes. We offer a range of finance solutions so you can spread the cost of your braces.

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