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Invisalign® straightens teeth in half the time

Faster Invisalign

If you’re thinking about straightening your teeth, the time it’s going to take is probably an important consideration. You might want to have your smile perfected for a special occasion, or you might just be keen to wear braces for the shortest time possible.

Either way, you’ll be pleased to hear that Invisalign treatment has just got a bit shorter – or a lot shorter in fact!

For those who aren’t au fait with Invisalign, it straightens teeth using a series of clear aligners, which can be taken in and out for eating, drinking and teeth brushing. You just need to make sure that they’re in for at least 20 hours a day.

Each aligner is designed to move your teeth a little at a time, gently applying pressure to shift them in the right direction. Previously you’d move to the next aligner in the series after two weeks.

However, now you can change to the next aligner after just one week – dramatically reducing your treatment time. Simple cases can be completed in as little as three months!

“Significant improvements in Invisalign product predictability over the last few years, resulting from our proprietary aligner materials, features and technology along with the positive experiences shared by Invisalign providers who prescribe one-week aligner wear give us confidence that many patients using Invisalign products will benefit from weekly aligner changes and shorter overall treatment times.” said Raphael Pascaud, CMO of Align Technology, the company behind Invisalign.

It’s important to mention that this is at your clinician’s discretion, and their priority will always be to give you the best results, not the quickest results. We’d love to speed up everyone’s orthodontic treatment, but some things can’t be rushed and teeth respond best to gentle, controlled movements.

Nonetheless, we’re looking forward to helping the right cases benefit from this exciting new development. To find out more about Invisalign, book your free consultation* today.

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