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How to look after your dental implants

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are posts that support replacement teeth. They fit directly into the jawbone to hold false teeth in place the same way that roots support natural teeth. Implants last just as long as natural teeth, as long as they are cared and maintained for correctly. Read on to learn our best tips for looking after your dental implants.

Immediately after

After the surgery your dental team will give you tips on what to do over the next few days. They may also prescribe painkillers, although it may be wise to have some at home for when you return, just in case.

Cleaning & care

Implants are relatively easy to clean, but making sure you are rigorous about cleaning them is the key to making sure they are long-lasting. Your dental team will give you detailed information about how to care for them, but cleaning around the implant is no more difficult than cleaning a natural tooth.

However, with implants you may find you have difficult to reach areas, making it hard to clean them. You may need to visit your hygienist for advice on how to clean these problem areas.

Many people believe that because an implant is not a natural tooth, they don’t have to worry about things like plaque build up or gum disease. However, both of these things can lead to you having to change the implant more often.

Bacterial biofilm, or plaque, can build up on implant crowns just as easily as it does on natural teeth. It should be removed on a daily basis with a toothbrush and flossing. If you fail to do this, infection can develop around the implant, leading to the loss of the attachment.

If you find that you can see part of the implant body, this could mean that you have an infection that has resulted in gum and/or bone loss. You should consult your dentist immediately.

Here at Sensu we have a vast amount of experience in both fitting implants and providing aftercare for implant patients.

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