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How DIY braces can wreck your teeth

What are DIY braces?

For some people braces can be too expensive, which has resulted in them using DIY braces to attempt to straighten their teeth at home. YouTube has become the go-to place for DIY fixes and solutions to many problems, and people attempting these DIY braces have turned to this media channel to assist them with the process. Experts are becoming increasingly worried over this issue which has spread so quickly across the internet. DIY braces are formed from using either rubber bands or in some cases other wires to wrap around the teeth and tighten to cause movement. Here we attempt to explain the reasons for steering clear of these DIY approaches and the damage they can do to your teeth

DIY braces damage your teeth

In extreme cases, loss of teeth can be a consequence of DIY braces. As the teeth are forced to move, the supporting bone underneath can become severely damaged making the tooth support system extremely weak. Another possibility is tooth colour change, as the root is damaged this can affect the blood flow causing a change in colour to the tooth.

Gums are also severely affected by using DIY braces. When teeth are moved the gums are subject to extreme pressure, this can change the shape of the gums or cause inflammation and infection. Furthermore, there have been cases of people forgetting that they have placed rubber bands onto their teeth and the bands making their way up into the gums.

Although it may appear that DIY braces are effectively doing exactly what paid for braces are, you are lacking the real expertise of an experienced clinician, and without this professional approach you are taking great risks.

To anyone considering this DIY option, we highly recommend you think about these consequences and the long-term damage you may do to your teeth. You may potentially end up with worse teeth than you started with.

If you’re worried about the damage you could have done to your teeth, please come and see us. Our cosmetic dentists will be happy to give you all the advice you need to ensure the best possible care for your teeth.

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