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Different types of Incognito™ braces


Incognito braces are one of the world’s most advanced lingual brace systems. Many people get put off orthodontics by the prospect of having highly visible braces showing whenever they smile.

However Incognito is the ultimate discreet brace. Whereas traditional braces are attached to the front of teeth, Incognito is fixed onto the back of your teeth, meaning it will not show when you smile. Incognito comes in two different formats, the regular and ‘Lite’ versions.

The regular Incognito Hidden Braces treatment is a very popular dental solution. Unlike Invisalign aligners, lingual braces are always working, and you don’t need to worry about taking them in and out for eating and drinking. This makes it a very effective treatment, which cannot be delayed by external circumstances.

Incognito braces are custom made with intelligent wires and brackets that fit your mouth perfectly. And because they’re not visible, you don’t have to feel self conscious throughout the treatment and can say goodbye to traditional ‘train tracks’ dentistry! Incognito braces are suitable for all patients, including children, teenagers and adults.

As its name suggests, the Lite option is a quick and cost effective alternative to the regular treatment. It’s best suited for patients with minor orthodontic needs, or patients who may already have had previous work done but are in need of a few final touches. The typical patient for the Lite treatment only needs the front six to eight teeth straightened.

Like the regular treatment Lite braces are hidden at the back of the teeth. They’re also suitable for all age groups. Lite has received the International Red Dot Design Award for 2012 for its health care product design. This is one of the world’s most prestigious design competitions.

At Sensu, we specialise in both Incognito and Incognito Lite treatment. Find out more about the treatment here, or book a free consultation with us.

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