Dr Ilias Marinopoulos

Specialist Orthodontist
DDS Msc (Gothenburg, Sweden) GDC no: 101601

Ilias has had an interesting mix of experience and education. In 2002 he completed his study at the University of Athens Dental School before working in a military hospital for a total of three years.

He then attended The Royal University of Aarhus in Denmark to master the complexities of orthodontics. After this he attained the level of specialist orthodontist after studying in Sweden in 2006 at the University of Gothenurg, Sahlgrenska Academy. His studies here were completed in 2009 where he impressed, coming out with an MSc at distinction level.

Ilias is driven to overcome all of the challenges posed in complicated orthodontic cases. It is his firm belief that all faces have a natural beauty waiting to be revealed and that he can work to do it.