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Why you should choose Fastbraces®

Traditional braces tend to take a couple of years to fully fix your teeth. Fastbraces® is an innovative orthodontic solution which can significantly reduce treatment time, and help you achieve a beautiful smile more quickly.

At Sensu, we know a lengthy orthodontic treatment can be difficult to handle, which is why we are experts in Fastbraces®. Here’s why you should seriously consider them.

As its name indicates, Fastbraces® is a great solution because of how quickly the treatment works. Traditional braces work in stages, first moving the crown of the tooth and then addressing root problems.

By contrast, Fastbraces® move both simultaneously, which considerably reduces treatment time. Whereas with traditional braces, each stage typically takes about a year, Fastbraces® usually lasts 3-12 months in total, and it’s common for patients to only need them a few months.

The other great thing about Fastbraces® is that it’s suitable for a vast majority of dental patients, including people in need of extensive orthodontic work. Needless to say, patients with minor issues are most likely to need shorter treatment.

While they are a great option for teenagers who don’t want to have braces for long, they also work wonders on adults who have always wanted to fix their smile and are seeking a fast, effective treatment.

Although they’re ground-breaking and highly effective, Fastbraces® are not necessarily pricier than conventional options. Indeed, because the treatment is so much faster, it requires less visits and checkups. This means less money spent on appointments and all the costs and hassle which goes with that (cost of commute, time off work, etc.)

Finally, whereas it’s not uncommon for regular brace users to need retainers for a long time post treatment, you won’t need to with Fastbraces®. Typically, you only need to wear retainers for 15-30 minutes a day afterwards. This means you won’t have to wear retainers in public, and can stick to using them in the comfort on your own home.

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