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What are Invisalign attachments?

Invisalign is a popular clear brace system that moves teeth using a sequence of transparent, removable aligners. Invisalign is loved by patients and dentists alike, and has been used to straighten over 14 million smiles worldwide.

Since Invisalign’s launch in 1999, it hasn’t stopped improving. In the beginning it was only capable of treating mild to moderate cases. Now it can do so much more, in part thanks to the introduction of ‘attachments’.

Invisalign attachments, which are sometimes referred to as Invisalign buttons, are made from tooth-coloured composite and measure approximately 2mm across. As you can see they’re very discreet.

Invisalign attachments

Why do we use Invisalign attachments?

Sometimes we need your teeth to move in a direction that your aligners alone are not capable of achieving. So, to help them to do their job and you get the best possible results, we use Invisalign attachments.

Attachments help us to rotate teeth or even move them up or down vertically. The exact shape and position of your attachments will depend on what we’re trying to achieve. They can be circular, square or even triangular.

The use of a tooth-coloured composite, which is a white filling material, will help your attachments to blend in with your teeth. They take minutes to attach and we can remove them quickly and easily at the end of your treatment – they won’t damage your teeth in any way.

As Invisalign Diamond providers we complete more than 150 Invisalign cases every year. So we have the experience to know which cases are likely to need attachments and where those attachments may need to be positioned.

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