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Tips to solve bad breath problems


Bad breath, or halitosis, is an extremely common yet embarrassing problem, affecting more than 80 million people. Lots of things can cause bad breath, but needless suffering is not necessary. Here are some tips to solve bad breath problems.

Brush and floss teeth

Bad breath is usually caused by bacteria from food particles in the mouth. Brushing teeth twice daily eradicates bacteria, which not only causes bad breath, but can lead to tooth decay. Brushing teeth alone eliminates just 60% of food debris, so floss daily as well to get rid of particles in between the teeth.

Use a tongue scraper

Bad breath can originate from the tongue, so use a tongue scraper, or even your toothbrush, to remove bacteria from your tongue.

Use a mouthwash

Regular use of a mouthwash kills the germs that cause bacteria, which can lead to bad breath. There are lots of mouthwashes available, so ask your dentist for advice. However, avoid using a mouthwash to mask the underlying cause of chronic bad breath.

Drink water

A dry mouth can result in bad breath, as reduced saliva flow can’t eliminate bacteria effectively. Drink sufficient amounts of fluids during the day to encourage saliva in the mouth. Chewing sugar-free gum may also help.

Avoid certain foods

Some foods, such as garlic, onions and coffee, can cause bad breath, so avoid these if you want a fresh-smelling mouth. Alternatively, chewing parsley or drinking green tea has been found to neutralise chemicals in the mouth that lead to bad breath.

Visit your dentist regularly

Regular dental visits can help you maintain good oral hygiene. If bad breath becomes a persistent problem, consult your dentist for advice. In some cases, the source of the problem can be linked to infections in other parts of the body.

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