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The trouble with dental tourism

The British summer, it has been said, consists of two fine days and a thunderstorm. So it’s no surprise that Britons are being drawn to cheap dental treatments abroad while being able to enjoy a quick, sunny holiday.

Cosmetic dental surgery is becoming increasingly common within the UK, as one in two middle aged adults consider cosmetic treatment, according to a recent survey by the British Dental Health Foundation. However, it seems not many people are willing to pay the price. Countries including Poland, Hungary and Croatia are said to offer the same treatments for half the price, and sometimes even less. Agencies that arrange treatments in these countries paint a bright picture promising clients a saving of thousands of pounds on treatments, even after paying the cost of flights and hotel bills.

However, the British Dental Health Foundation has reported that there has been a significant increase in the number of calls to its helpline from people who have undergone dental treatments abroad. This is because complex treatments are normally completed within a number of months; hence for such procedures to take place within a one/two week holiday is unrealistic. Along with the risk of damaging your teeth, several patients have complained that they were falsely promised aftercare, which was not delivered.

Patients within the UK can avoid such daunting experiences thanks to the General Dental Council, which is responsible for the maintenance of professional standards. Unfortunately, this kind of professional board doesn’t exist in many European countries, which means that many dentists abroad are not held to high standards. The General Dental Council also ensures that all registered dentists continuously undertake professional development.

At Sensu London, we pride ourselves on providing word-class care and a comfortable environment for all our patients. Treatments are carried out using the latest and safest technology, so all our patients can confidently undergo cosmetic dental treatments knowing they are in safe hands.

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