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In-Ovation® C treatment explained

Here at Sensu, we want to provide our patients with the most advanced orthodontic treatments available on the market, including In-Ovation C.

Whilst few people know about it, In-Ovation C is a unique type of fixed brace which delivers fantastic results. Here are a few common questions about it.

What is In-Ovation C?

In a nutshell, it is an innovative fixed brace system, which has many features in common with traditional braces – with some extra benefits. In-Ovation C is generally considered to be a fast and comfortable treatment, with patients usually requiring 40% fewer appointments than patients who wear traditional braces. This is because there are longer intervals between adjustments. As a result, patients don’t require as much time off work or school.

Does it hurt?

Because the wires are self-ligating, patients are less likely to get pain from metallic or rubber ties, which means In-Ovation C is generally a considered a more comfortable solution. Because the braces are smaller they are less inconvenient when brushing your teeth, too. Brushing your teeth properly reduces the risk of painful gum disease and tooth decay.

How does it differ from traditional braces?

In-Ovation C braces are made of ceramic and are smaller than traditional braces. For that reason, they tend to be more discreet and are a good option for patients who are concerned about very visible treatment.

Who is it suitable for?

Because of how simple and convenient In-Ovation C is, it’s generally a popular option among people with busy lifestyles, it’s also suitable both for adults and teenagers.

As it’s an adaptable treatment, it can help a wide range of patients. For instance, cases in need of dental alignment as well as those needing consolidation and strengthening would both benefit.

At Sensu, we are experts in creating beautiful smiles through In-Ovation treatment. Get in touch today.

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