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Cheap teeth whitening kits can damage your teeth

Tooth whitening is a common dental treatment in the UK with over 100,000 Brits attempting a form of tooth whitening over the last year. Though prices vary depending on treatment types, there are numerous risks that must be considered before using products. With many Britons attempting to whiten their teeth at home as well, we take a look at what is in a tooth whitening kit.

Bleaching trays and bleaching strips are two of the most popular at-home treatments. Bleaching trays are generally plastic and made to fit on the upper and lower teeth, although sometimes the plastic can be very cheap and flimsy, breaking in the mouth and leaving plastic splinters in the gums.

Users are instructed to apply whitening gel in the trays and then to seat it over their teeth for a prescribed period of time. However, poorly designed moulds can cause the hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals to leak, damaging the gums. Some tooth whitening kits sold online also contain dangerously high levels of bleach, according to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

EU recommendations state that products should not contain more than 6% of hydrogen peroxide. However, websites have been found that provide products with almost twice the amount of the recommended level, so be sure to check before applying any treatment.

Bleaching strips are small pieces of polyethylene that work by sticking to the top surfaces, around the edges and into crevices between teeth. Each strip is coated with a gel treatment made from hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, which reacts with moisture in the mouth, getting into the enamel of teeth where stains settle. But, be careful, as this can burn gums since the strips can easily slide and be moved.

With professional teeth whitening, patients can avoid any dangerous side-effects. At Sensu London, our experts have the knowledge, skills and equipment to effectively whiten your teeth and ensure you have a pleasant, pain-free experience.

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