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Braces: a very short history

We’ve all worn them, or at least know someone who has. Dental braces are common place and a great way to achieve a perfect smile nowadays. And they have been around for a long time. So how did they start, and how far have they come?

Ancient times

You might be surprised to know that there is evidence of dental braces usage back to ancient times. Around 400-300 BC, philosophers like Aristotle already wrote about ways to straighten teeth and improve dental health more generally.

On top of that, archaeological remains also show ancient people already attempted to find ways of addressing dental problems. For instance, several mummies were discovered wearing metal bands around their teeth or cords made of natural fibres not too dissimilar to today’s orthodontics treatments.

Although treatments must have been pretty basic (and probably quite painful too), there’s evidence people already were coming up with ways to fix smiles back then!


The breakthrough in braces came around the 17th century, as dentistry really developed as a proper profession. French dentist Pierre Fauchard is regarded by many as the father of modern dentistry, and began using a horseshoe-shaped piece called˜Bandeau to treat patients.

Later in the 19th century, the wire crib characteristic of modern orthodontics was first used, as were rubber bands. It’s also around that time dentistry became an increasingly popular topic of literature.

Achieve the perfect smile

As brace solutions became more and more used and developed, classifications systems to assess dental problems began to appear in the 20th century. Edward Angle came up with the first way to classify dental problems, which was used to describe how crooked teeth are and where they’re pointing. His system is still used today.

Braces really have come a long way, and are now less visible and painful than ever before. Why not see for yourself, and check out our very own range of braces solutions to achieve the perfect smile?

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