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5 celebrities who wore braces

Constantly being in the spotlight comes with a lot of pressure with regards to appearance. For that reason, celebrities often look after themselves carefully, including their teeth.

While a lot of celebrities appear with perfect smiles, like everyone else they sometimes require braces to achieve such amazing smiles. Below are some celebrities who used to wear braces.

Emma Watson

The Harry Potter star might have a brilliant smile, but it’s no magic trick! Emma Watson wore Social 6 braces, a very quick dental solution which helps straighten front teeth only.

The treatment can effectively correct minor orthodontic problems within a space of about 6 weeks.

Prince Harry

Royal blood doesn’t guarantee perfect teeth. Like his brother William, Prince Harry wore braces as a teenager. Back then, there were less options available to a patient and so he wore the traditional, train tracks braces.

Miley Cyrus

Yes, she also wore braces. In fact, she had them on the entire time she filmed the Disney series, Hannah Montana.

Her braces were attached to the back of her teeth rather than the front. These are called lingual or Incognito braces, a good option if you don’t want them to show.

Tom Cruise

When he took one of his kids to an orthodontist, Tom Cruise certainly didn’t expect to be the one leaving with braces on. But he did.

Cruise used ceramic brackets, a popular choice for adults because they’re less noticeable. However he was quick to get them removed whist filming.

Justin Bieber

Not many people know Justin Bieber wore braces. That’s because he used Invisalign® braces, a virtually invisible set of aligners far more discrete than traditional metal braces and wires.

In fact, the controversial Canadian suffered from a fairly common problem called crowding, an overlap of the upper and lower teeth.

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