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4 easy tips to keep healthy teeth

Looking after your teeth is important for so many reasons. Not only is having a great smile important for your confidence, keeping good teeth keeps you healthy and prevent painful oral diseases, like tooth decay and gum problems.

While your dentist can help you out when things get really bad, prevention and consistently looking after your teeth is key to achieving great oral hygiene. Here are 4 tips you should take up to keep your teeth healthy at all times.

Change toothbrush

People often think that brushing your teeth regularly is enough to keep a healthy mouth, but you should remember to regularly change your toothbrush as well.

Although experts are divided as to how often you should do so, replacing your toothbrush (or changing the head of your electric one) roughly every 2-3 months is definitely good practice. This will help you maintain a strong and effective toothbrush, while removing bacteria at the same time.

Look after your gums

Having healthy teeth goes hand-in-hand with looking after your gums. The best and simplest way to achieve this is to brush your gums, as well as your teeth twice a day. Make sure you brush gently.

Not looking after your gums can lead to swelling, bleeding or receding gums. More importantly, it also makes your teeth more loose and sensitive, which can directly lead to loss of teeth. Find out more about the different stages of gum disease here.

Healthy diet

You should also watch your diet, as what you eat and drink can have a big impact on your teeth. Make sure you have a balanced, healthy diet. Eat fruits, vegetables, as well as dairies, starchy food like bread and sources of protein like meat.

You should watch how much fatty and sugary food you consume, including sweets, chocolate, fizzy drinks, ice cream etc. Limiting your sugar consumption will reduce the chances of tooth decay.

Also be careful of smoking, as this can have bed consequences for your oral healthy, like turning your teeth yellow, cause bad breath or even lead to diseases like cancer.

See your dentist regularly

Finally, you should regularly see your dentist for regular checks. Try and visit at least every 6 months to make sure your mouth is healthy, and for the occasional in-depth clean as well.

It’s particularly important you go if you have worrying symptoms like toothache or bleeding gums. Your dentist is best qualified to assess and address your needs.

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