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What will your braces include?

What will your braces include

Shopping around for braces can be confusing. There’s so much choice, from the different braces on offer, to the experience of the clinicians providing treatment. This can make it challenging to compare prices and find the option that’s really right for you.

We offer all the latest braces, including Invisalign, clear fixed braces and lingual braces (pictured below). Your treatment will be led by a highly qualified specialist orthodontist who is registered with the General Dental Council.

Lingual braces

All-inclusive prices

Our prices include every step of your orthodontic treatment, so there are no hidden surprises. The price we give you at your free consultation will include:

  • A complimentary hygiene session to make sure your teeth are sparkling before we start your treatment. We do this before we take any scans or impressions to improve their accuracy and the fit of your braces.
  • All scans, impressions, photos and X-rays taken throughout your treatment. We use the latest iTero scanner to take digital impressions in minutes – without any gloopy alginate.
  • Your braces, including any attachments or adjustments to your teeth. For example, we sometimes remove minimal amounts of enamel from between teeth to give you the best outcome (a technique known as IPR).
  • All your appointments, including any emergency appointments.
  • Home teeth whitening at the end of your treatment, including custom-made whitening trays and professional teeth whitening gel.
  • Teeth contouring (if required) to subtly improve the shape of your teeth and improve their symmetry.
  • Fixed and removable retainers to hold your teeth in their new positions and prevent orthodontic relapse.
  • 12 months of aftercare and supervision once your braces have been removed.

What should orthodontic treatment include?

We offer a few finishing touches above and beyond orthodontic treatment. Home teeth whitening and teeth contouring aren’t essential, but they’re so popular among our patients that we include them as standard.


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Before and after Invisalign 🎉 We aligned this patient’s smile using clear, removable Invisalign aligners, before carefully contouring her front teeth. The final step will be home teeth whitening for a sparkling end result 😁 We include teeth whitening and contouring as standard with all our braces. For more information, call us on 020 3974 1055 #Invisalign #bracesbeforeandafter. . . . . #dentist #dentalgram #dentallife #dental #dentalcare #orthodontist #dentistry #braces #London #teeth #teethgoals #weloveteeth #smile #dentaltips #dentaladvice #healthysmile #happysmile #oralhygiene #dentalhealth #freshbreath #healthyteeth #clearbraces #hiddenbraces #invisiblebraces #lingualbraces #teethgoals #cosmeticdentist #cosmeticdentistry

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What’s really important is that your treatment includes retainers. It can be easy to overlook retainers, but without them, your results may be short-lived.

Retainers keep your teeth straight and need to be worn indefinitely. They can be removable or fixed behind your teeth. Removable retainers fit around your teeth like a mouthguard. After a short while, you’ll only need to wear them at night.

Fixed (or bonded) retainers consist of a thin wire, which we attach behind your front teeth. They’re incredibly discreet and unobtrusive.

The drawbacks of mail-order aligners

Straightening your teeth from home doesn’t include appointments with an orthodontist, dentist or therapist, so fixed retainers aren’t an option. Your treatment may include removable retainers, but sometimes these are charged for separately, and there’s no aftercare to make sure they fit correctly.

You’ll also miss out on X-rays and a dental health check before starting your treatment. These are incredibly important for ensuring your teeth are fit and healthy for braces.

A few providers offer digital scans from selected cities, but most will send you a kit to take your own impressions at home. These impressions will be used to create your aligners, so taking a precise and accurate impression is essential – and tricky to do without some practice.

During your treatment, you won’t see anyone for regular check-ups. These appointments are vital for making sure your treatment and dental health are on track. We also use this time to make any necessary adjustments to your teeth and braces, for example, fitting the attachments we mentioned earlier.

To arrange an all-inclusive quote for your braces, contact us to schedule a free no-obligation consultation.

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