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Silent disco at Cutty Sark

When you think of the historic ship the Cutty Sark, you’re probably picturing wooden masts, rigging, and an old creaky hull, or perhaps an old pirate? So you’re definitely not picturing a disco then? Are you sure?

After the success of last year’s Silent Disco on the Cutty Sark, it’s silently setting sail once again down the Thames to Greenwich.

If you’re not familiar with silent discos, it’s a trend where, rather than using a speaker system, music is broadcast through a radio transmitter to wireless headphones, worn by the party-goers. Those without the headphones can’t hear the music, hence the name. Silent disco was first notably utilised by eco-activists in the early 1990s, where they utilised headphones at outdoor parties to minimise noise pollution and to not disturb the local wildlife.

Now the Cutty Sark is having its second silent disco, after the first one went down a storm. So if you didn’t get your chance to dance the night away aboard this newly restored, original nineteenth century ship, now’s your chance. Drinks are served on the main deck, and the party goes on until midnight down in the dry berth.

Fancy combining your night with some history? You can explore the ship that’s traveled across the world visiting every major port along the way, all without the usual noisy crowds getting in the way.


Whether you are a tourist or a born-and-bred Londoner, this is definitely an event not to miss. You can book tickets at the Time Out website.

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