In-Ovation C braces in London

In-Ovation C braces at Sensu

In-Ovation C braces are a great option for anyone wanting to achieve a beautifully straight smile without the inconvenience of unsightly metal brackets. In-Ovation C uses tooth-coloured ceramic brackets, which are camouflaged by your own teeth. They’re not invisible but they’re much more discreet than metal alternatives.

In-Ovation C brace

In-Ovation C’s discreet brackets are moved using a thin metal wire, which is attached using clips instead of elastic bands. This reduces friction and helps gradually move your teeth efficiently and comfortably.

Other benefits of these self-ligating braces include shorter and less frequent appointments during treatment and easier cleaning. Easier cleaning means better oral hygiene and sparkling results when your braces come off and your beautiful new smile is revealed.

In-Ovation C braces review

Every feature of the In-Ovation C brace has been carefully designed: from high-tech ceramic brackets for optimum strength, through to bonding nubs, which help to secure your brace (and make it easy to remove at the end of your treatment). Like all of our invisible braces, In-Ovation C has been tried and tested, so we can recommend it to our patients with complete confidence.

In-Ovation C is particularly suited to more challenging cases, which require the precision and control of a fixed brace, but it will happily transform any smile discreetly and reliably.

The benefits of In-Ovation C braces

  • In-Ovation C braces are very discreet, thanks to their tooth-coloured brackets
  • They’re also very effective because of their carefully designed self-ligating brackets
  • Self-ligating technology also means your teeth are subjected to less friction and can be moved gently and easily
  • With no elastic bands so fewer places for food residue to hide, your braces will be easy to keep clean throughout your treatment
  • In-Ovation C braces can achieve incredible results, even for the most challenging conditions

For more information on In-Ovation C, contact our experienced team today to arrange your free no-obligation consultation*.

In-Ovation C FAQs

Self-ligating braces use clips instead of elastic bands to hold the wire in position. This creates less friction and makes self-ligating braces easier to clean than traditional braces.


In-Ovation C brackets are made from translucent tooth-coloured ceramic, so they’re very inconspicuous. They are still visible but far more discreet than metal braces. If you’re looking for a virtually invisible brace, you might want to consider Invisalign or lingual braces.

Yes. In-Ovation C braces are ideal for adult patients and suitable for all ages.

While your brace is designed to stay attached to your teeth during your treatment, but it can easily be removed with the right tools. Special bonding nubs help to create a strong bond that can be broken when your brace is ready to come off without causing any damage to your teeth.

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