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How to clean Invisalign® aligners

Cleaning Invisalign

With a small amount of TLC, Invisalign aligners are super easy to keep squeaky clean. Just follow these simple steps to keep your brace in tiptop condition.

1. Clean your aligners twice a day

Invisalign aligners spend a lot of time in your mouth – at least 20 hours a day, so it’s nice to keep them clean and odour-free. For fresh and sparkling aligners, we recommend cleaning them twice a day when you brush your teeth.

Using an antibacterial, unscented hand soap, simply give your aligners a gentle brush with a soft toothbrush and a thorough rinse with lukewarm water. Don’t use toothpaste, which may be too abrasive and scratch your aligners. You’ll also want to use a dedicated toothbrush for obvious reasons!

2. Remove your aligners for drinking

One of the (many) great things about Invisalign, is that you change your aligners every 1-2 weeks, so they don’t usually have the chance to discolour. However, your aligners aren’t immune to stains, so make sure you take them out to drink anything other than water. You should also give your teeth a quick rinse before popping your aligners back in.

3. Store your aligners in their protective case

To stop anything untoward happening to your aligners when they’re not in your mouth, make sure you store them in their protective case. We’ve heard stories of loose aligners making their way into all kinds of unsanitary places like the bottom of handbags and even bins. Cleanliness aside, you’re also more likely to lose your aligners if they’re not safely stowed away.

4. Soak your aligners for a thorough clean

To keep your Invisalign aligners pristine, you can treat them to weekly soaks using a special cleaning tablet such as Retainer Brite (also great for cleaning removable retainers). Simply soak your aligners according to the instructions to give your aligners a new lease of life. Just make sure you don’t use hot water or you could end up with misshapen aligners!!

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