How much are invisible braces

Invisible braces provide all the benefits of traditional braces, but in a very discreet package.

Recently, an increasing number of adults have turned to orthodontics for a confident smile, fuelling the demand for inconspicuous braces. Now you can choose from clear fixed braces, transparent aligners or even braces that are hidden behind your teeth. Goodbye metal train tracks and farewell Ugly Betty comparisons!

The price of invisible braces

One of the questions we’re asked most frequently by anyone considering orthodontic treatment is “how much are invisible braces?”. For many, braces are the unknown and a small amount of research will quickly show you how dramatically they can vary in price.

Orthodontic treatment is very bespoke, so unfortunately it’s difficult to provide a fixed price. Most clinicians will need to see you for a consultation before they can give you an accurate quote. The price of your treatment will often take into account how complex your case is, the brace you choose and the level of aftercare you require.

Luckily, your initial <href=””>consultation at Sensu is free of charge*. And if you’re not quite ready to come in and see us, we can even offer you a complimentary e-consultation.

While we can’t give you a formal quote without examining your smile, what we can do is provide you with the starting prices of the different invisible braces at Sensu.

How much is Invisalign?

how much is Invisalign
Invisalign uses clear aligners to gently straighten teeth and has achieved worldwide fame thanks to its celebrity followers and growing media presence. It’s as far away from a traditional brace as you can get, and patients who have had both treatments are quick to praise its comfort and discreetness in comparison to fixed braces.

There are a few different types of Invisalign available and prices start from £2,000 for Invisalign Express, including home teeth whitening, teeth shaping and removable retainers.

Invisalign from £2,000

How much are clear braces?

how much are clear braces
Clear braces are fixed to your teeth, just like train tracks, but they have clear brackets and sometimes tooth-coloured wires, too. We offer some of the most popular clear braces on the market, including Damon Clear and In-Ovation C.

Clear braces from £4,000

How much are lingual braces?

How much are lingual braces
Lingual braces are the most discreet invisible brace available. The entire brace is tucked away behind your smile where it’s hidden from sight. There are lingual braces available to treat most orthodontic problems including braces that are only fitted to the front eight teeth.

The cost of your lingual braces will depend on how complex your problem is and your choice of brand. Incognito (pictured), for example, features cast-gold brackets that are custom made to fit each tooth.

Lingual braces from £5,500

Are invisible braces available through the NHS?

Unfortunately the NHS doesn’t fund invisible braces and in most cases NHS orthodontic care is only available to under 18s.

Can invisible braces be paid for in instalments?

In most cases – yes – we offer a choice of payment options including interest-free instalments through our third-party finance provider. You can find out more about these options and see some payment examples on our fees page.

Receive a personalised quote

These prices hopefully give you an idea of how much invisible braces cost and how the different options compare.

For your personalised quote, contact us to arrange a free no-obligation consultation* or take advantage of our complimentary e-consultation.