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Great places to eat healthily near Oxford Circus

Eating healthy food is key to keeping a healthy mouth and beautiful teeth. This can be tricky when there are so many places to buy junk food and snacks.

At Sensu, we want to help you achieve and maintain an amazing smile at all time. Here are a few places near our Oxford Circus clinic where you can enjoy your food without harming your teeth. 

Pure Taste

Pure Taste restaurant is located in Notting Hill, so you might have to jump on the tube to get there.

Pure Taste offers an interesting experience as the first˜paleo restaurant in London, which means its menu is inspired by the caveman’s diet, and excludes a lot of modern foods.

PT offers a diet largely based on meat and vegetables, without dairies, alcohol, processed food and refined sugar. Great for your teeth and a unique experience, so try it out!

Pho Cafe

If you’re into Oriental food, Pho Cafe is another good option for healthy eating. A Vietnamese restaurant which began as a street establishment 10 years ago, they now have branches across London, Brighton and Leeds.

While Pho is now a big player with several restaurants in London (including Soho, Covent Garden and Chiswick), the place remains cosy and still has a family-run feel about it, which is nice.

Pho offer a range of noodle soups, Vietnam’s national dish. Unlike other types of soup, its food is low in fat and saturated fat, which is great for you.

Vantra Vitao

Vantra Vitao is another great place for healthy food. Vantra Vitao only offer organic food made of fresh ingredients, whether you fancy a raw or cooked dish.

For that reason, it’s not uncommon to spot the odd celebrity there, including professional athletes and nutrition specialists.

Vantra Vitao can give your teeth a healthy break from fatty, processed foods, whilst also allowing you to eat out and have a pleasant experience if you’re out for lunch or dinner.

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