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Finding London’s healthy bars

Going for a fun night out can often conflict with trying to stay healthy. Whether it’s alcohol consumption or simply sugary drinks, you often find yourself in a dilemma come Friday night: staying in to keep up your healthy diet or going all out.

Thankfully, there are plenty of bars in London where you can have a good time while keeping healthy. Here are a few examples.


Juice bars seem to be a new trend in London, with new establishments opening up all the time. The Juice Well, founded by restaurateur Will Ricker, offers organic, cold pressed juices, as well as cleanses and smoothies. A great way to get your fix of fruits and vegetables while enjoying a tasty drink.

If this sounds like something for you, also visit Roots & Bulbs. Its menu offer a range of carrot, apple, melon, cucumber, spinach and ginger based juices. Roots & Bulbs also have a selection of salads, breakfasts and other healthy treats. Soho based Juice Tonic is a good option also.

If juices aren’t your thing, another alternative is to stick to healthy alcohol drinks. People often think the worst thing about drinking is the alcohol content. However, high amounts of sugar in drinks are equally damaging, and found in most drinks like cocktails and spirits mixed with fizzy drinks like Coke.

Places like Bernares, a Michelin-star Indian restaurant in Mayfair, offers a range of low calories cocktails, such as the Cucumber Cooler (see picture below). A different twist on a cocktail and less damaging for your teeth.


Finally, a good solution to stay healthy is alcohol free bars. Contrary to what you might think, there are a lot places in London offering this option. For instance, Redemption on Fairly Square, near Holborn tube station, offers a range of healthy mocktails, as well as healthy food and even desserts!

Likewise, Mark’s Bars offers a range of classic and original mocktails. With venues located in Soho, Shoreditch and the city, they are accessible in many areas. An ideal destination for both parties and dates.

Other places you should check out include Purivian kitchen, Ceviche, who serve amazing non-alcoholic cocktails and traditional Peruvian dishes. The Connaught in Mayfair is also great. Often named among London’s best bars, the 1920s themed establishment offers a good range of options for non-drinkers.

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