Dental implants for multiple missing teeth in London

Dental implants for multiple missing teeth

Multiple missing teeth can affect the health and function of your smile – not to mention its appearance. If you’ve been living with gaps or the prospect of having your teeth removed, you’ll appreciate the impact that missing teeth can have on your confidence.

Multiple missing teeth can sometimes change the appearance of your entire face, causing your skin to sag slightly or appear sunken. Teeth are also important for speech and you may find that you have trouble forming certain words or sounds. Gaps can also increase your risk of dental problems and gum disease and cause other teeth to move out of position.

For these reasons we always recommend replacing missing teeth. And for most patients a dental or tooth implant is the best long-term solution. Implants look and function like natural teeth – instantly restoring your ability to chew, speak and smile confidently.

Tooth implants consist of a titanium root, which is carefully inserted into your jaw bone where it replaces the root of a missing tooth. Here it integrates with your own bone, so just like a natural root it can support a tooth. Once the implant is ready we’ll attach a false tooth, also known as a crown, which will be beautifully crafted from ceramic or porcelain to blend in seamlessly with your other teeth.

Depending on how many teeth are missing and where the gaps are positioned, we can either use individual implants and crowns, or insert a bridge that is held in position by multiple implants. Treatment is usually carried out over three appointments, and you’ll be given a local anaesthetic to prevent any discomfort.

Dental implants are a specialised treatment, which require a high level of expertise for the best results. All of our implant treatments are carried out by skilled clinicians, ensuring the highest standard of care and treatment.

To find out more about the different ways we can replace multiple missing teeth, come and see us for a free no-obligation consultation*.

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