Dental bridges in London

Dental bridge London

Missing teeth can have a big impact not only on your confidence but also on your dental health. In most cases a gap will cause your remaining teeth to move, and it can also increase your risk of dental problems and gum disease.

Thanks to modern dentistry you don’t need to have that gap for long though. Dental bridges have been used for decades as a reliable replacement for missing teeth. A traditional dental bridge consists of a false tooth, which is held in place using crowns, which are bonded to the teeth either side of your gap.

Your bridge will be handmade by our talented technicians, in most cases using ceramic or porcelain, to guarantee natural and long-lasting results. Before we fit your bridge we’ll make sure you’re completely happy with the end result. Some patients choose to complement their new bridge with a mini smile makeover involving teeth whitening or veneers.

The results are fantastic – your bridge will look just like your natural teeth – and if cared for correctly should last for around 10 to 15 years. To fit your bridge, we may need to remove some enamel from the neighbouring teeth to allow space for your crowns. Less invasive options, which won’t affect your remaining teeth, include a Maryland bridge or a cantilever bridge.

Maryland bridge

A Maryland – or ‘sticky’ – bridge features a false tooth, which is cemented onto the back of your gap’s neighbouring teeth. It won’t cause any damage to these teeth, but the downside is that it’s not as secure as a traditional bridge, and you may need to have it reattached from time-to-time.

Cantilever bridge

Another option is to fit a traditional bridge to just one adjacent tooth. Sometimes this is the only option if there aren’t neighbouring teeth on both sides. Cantilever bridges can work well towards the front of your mouth, but they’re not always an ideal replacement for the back teeth, where they’re subjected to more pressure and stress.

Alternatives to dental bridges

Other alternatives to dental bridges include dental implants and dentures – and in rare cases you may choose to leave your gap if it’s not noticeable or causing you any problems.

If you’re missing teeth, and would like to find out how we can help, come and see us for a free no-obligation consultation*.

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