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Are ‘invisible’ braces available on the NHS?

Are invisible braces available on the NHS

As a private practice, we don’t receive any NHS funding from the government, and orthodontic treatment is only available on a self-funded basis. Nevertheless, as a large provider of ‘invisible’ braces, we are often asked if they are available through the NHS elsewhere.

Unfortunately, ‘invisible’ braces aren’t usually available as an option for NHS orthodontic treatment. This is because NHS funding is limited and the focus is on getting the best result, using the most cost effective brace – usually metal train tracks.

NHS care is designed to help those who need straight teeth to improve their dental health. It’s usually only available to under 18s. To find out if you’re eligible for treatment, you’ll need to see an NHS provider for a consultation where they’ll assess your smile to determine its impact on your health.

The Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need

During your NHS consultation, your clinician will carefully measure your teeth and bite. Using a grading system known as the Index of Orthodontic Treatment Need, they’ll then give you a grade, which will determine whether or not you qualify for NHS treatment.

Grades 1 and 2 are not eligible for NHS treatment.

Grade 3 means your case is borderline, and your clinician will look at the appearance of your teeth to give you a second ‘aesthetic score’ out of 10. Only if this score is 6 or above will you qualify for NHS treatment.

Grades 4 and 5 are eligible for NHS-funded treatment.

If you do qualify for NHS treatment, you may need to join a waiting list before your brace is fitted. This is because the funding clinics receive is often not enough to meet the demand for NHS care.

‘Invisible’ braces at Sensu™

Because we only provide private orthodontic care there are no waiting lists and you can choose from our extensive range of braces:

Invisalign – a popular range of clear, removable aligners
Lingual braces – fixed braces that are fitted behind your teeth
Clear braces – traditional fixed braces with inconspicuous clear brackets

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