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9 need to know Invisalign tips

Invisalign tips

Our team have perfected thousands of smiles using Invisalign. So, there’s not much we don’t know about these fantastic clear aligners.

Whether you’re considering Invisalign, or already part of the family, here are some tips to help you through the experience.

Invisalign tips

1. Wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day

You’ll need to wear your aligners for between 20 and 22 hours a day. This gives you up to four hours of freedom every day. Ideally, you should only remove your aligners for meals, snacks, drinking, brushing and contact sports.

You can take your aligners out for special occasions, but always discuss this with our team first. If you don’t wear your aligners for long enough each day, it could affect the success of your treatment.

2. Always store your aligners in their case

Clear aligners can be easy to misplace. So, when you take your aligners out, make sure you pop them straight into their protective case. This will also keep them safe from breakages.

Avoid wrapping your aligners in tissue. They’ll almost certainly end up in the bin!

3. Keep a toothbrush handy

You’ll need to brush your teeth 20 minutes after every meal before you put your aligners back in. We appreciate this isn’t always easy, especially when you’re eating on the go, but your teeth and aligners will thank you for it.

Trapped food can cause tooth decay, bad breath and staining. If you’re not able to brush, we recommend swishing with water or chewing sugar-free gum.

4. Only drink water when you’re wearing your aligners

Tea, coffee and cola can all stain your aligners, so make sure you only drink water when you’re wearing them. Worse still, sugary drinks could seep between your aligners and teeth to cause acid erosion and decay.

We recommend sticking to water between meals to limit the number of times you take your aligners out each day.

5. Don’t put your aligners in hot water

While it’s essential to keep your aligners clean, never put them in hot water. This could cause them to melt and lose their shape.

6. Don’t use toothpaste to clean your aligners

We also don’t recommend using toothpaste to clean your aligners. Most kinds of toothpaste are abrasive and will make your aligners dull and less inconspicuous.

Keep your aligners sparkling by brushing them with cold water or a mild detergent.

7. Don’t throw your aligners away

Once you’ve finished wearing an aligner, don’t throw it away. You’ll be given a dedicated case to put your last set of aligners in, but make sure you keep the ones before safe, too.

It’s unlikely that you’ll need them, but very occasionally they come in handy if another aligner breaks or goes missing.

8. Remove your aligners carefully

There’s a knack to taking your aligners in and out, which you’ll quickly get the hang of. Starting at the back of your teeth, gently loosen your aligners with your fingers, working your way to the front of your mouth.

They should easily pop out, but if you have any trouble, we have a tool to help. Always handle your aligners gently to avoid any damage.

9. Wear your retainers

Most importantly, don’t forget to wear your retainers once your Invisalign treatment is complete. It can take a while for the bone that supports your teeth to stabilise, so your retainers have the crucial job of keeping your teeth straight.

Even once the bone has settled (which takes around a year) you’ll still need to wear retainers indefinitely to maintain your amazing results.

We hope you find these Invisalign tips useful. You can find more information about Invisalign and our other invisible braces throughout our website.

We also offer free no-obligation consultations for every type of brace. Get in touch to start your journey.

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