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4 ways our routine checks can help you


Even if everything seems well, it is important to regularly visit your dentist in order to keep healthy teeth and prevent any issue before it becomes visible or painful. It is recommended you should go for a dental check up twice a year.

At Sensu, we can fix your teeth but we know prevention is the best form of care. That’s why we specialise in a range of checks for our patients. Here are a few things we could do for you.

Oral cancer screening

Our oral cancer checks only take a few minutes and don’t hurt, but they could save your life. Although a vast majority of screenings give negative results, we like to regularly screen our patients. Better safe than sorry.

Oral cancer symptoms can include red and white patches in the mouth, abnormally long lasting ulcers, unusual bleeding and numbness as well as lumps and swelling of the throat.

Nervous patients

We understand that going to the dentist isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. In fact, many people have a real phobia of dental checks. Our team is friendly and is used to dealing with anxious patients.

We can even offer conscious IV sedation so you can relax during your treatment. This will ease your anxiety and prevent any pain. Our Nervous Patient Programme is tailed to help you overcome your fear. Find our more here.

Root nerve therapy

Commonly known as root canal treatment, root nerve therapy is a complex dental treatment which requires advanced technology and specialist skills. It involves removing decaying tissue inside teeth in order to preserve a damaged tooth.

Once the root canal is cleared, the tooth is filled with material which prevents further infection. At Sensu, we are experts in root canal treatment and use the very best techniques available.

Preventive care

Finally, we offer regular dental checkups to our patients. Check-ups are generally pretty quick and painless, and will save you money on complex, expensive treatments in the long run.

We also like to give our patients the best advice on how to eat healthily and maintain good teeth, as well as information on other lifestyle habits which may be detrimental to your oral health.

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