Dental health check in London

Dental health check in London

Dental health checks are one of the best and easiest ways to maintain the highest standard of dental health. Not only can we make sure that your oral hygiene is exemplary, we can spot potential issues early and treat them before they become a problem.

During your dental health check your dentist will thoroughly examine your mouth, paying particular attention to your teeth, gums and tongue. We’ll be looking for the warning signs of decay and gum disease – some of which may be too subtle for you to have noticed for yourself. Sometimes we might need to take x-rays to help us check for these warning signs.

The whole process is quick and painless – so there’s no reason to put off coming to see us. In most cases we recommend that patients have a check-up every six months, but we may ask to see you more or less frequently depending on your dental health.

Oral cancer screening

During your dental check-up we’ll also pay close attention to the soft tissues in your mouth, looking for any changes and the symptoms of oral cancer. Mouth cancer is responsible for more than 1,800 deaths every year in the UK, and most of these are could have been avoided if the cancer was caught early enough.

Mouth cancer can affect any area of your mouth, including your tongue and lips. The warning signs of mouth cancer include a painless ulcer that doesn’t heal or a red or white patch in the mouth. If you have any of these symptoms for longer than three weeks, make an appointment to see us or your GP as soon as possible.

Keep your smile healthy and happy with regular dental health checks. Contact our friendly team to arrange your check-up today.


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